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Cleaning and Laundry Services

We can provide cleaning and laundry services to make sure that your property is always in a tidy and welcoming condition for your guests.
Whether you want a changeover clean, spring clean or a clean after long term tenants, we can provide a reliable and professional service for your property. All prices subject to IVA as we are legally registered.

Changeover cleans

Have the property cleaned and prepared prior to your guests arrival.

Property size
Clean only Clean & Laundry Property size
Clean only Clean & Laundry
1 bedroom  40.00€  50.00€ 3 bedroom/ 2 bath
 57.50€  70.00€
2 bedroom/ 1 bath
 45.00€  55.00€ 3 bedroom/ 3 bath
 65.00€  72.50€
2 bedroom/ 2 bath
 47.50€ 57.50€ 4 bedroom/ 2 bath
 75.00€  €87.50
3 bedroom/ 1 bath
 52.50€  62.50€ 4 bedroom/ 3 bath
 85.00€ 100.00€

Larger properties on request

Spring Clean or Long Term Let Clean

If you rent your property out for long term tenants, we recommend a thorough clean on their departure to keep the property in tiptop condition. In addition, for absent owners, a Spring Clean is recommended at least once a year to maintain and care for your home and soft furnishings properly.
Apartments Spring Clean Duplex and villas Spring Clean
1 bedroom 90€ 2 bedroom 120€
2 bedroom 100€ 3 bedroom 150€
3 bedroom 125€ 4 bedroom 195€
4 bedroom 145€ 5 bedroom 225€

Larger properties on request

Laundry Services

If you don΄t require a clean, but simply want additional laundry services, or extra items such as curtains and soft furnishings to be cleaned, we can arrange this on request. Contact us for prices.

Read more about our Welcome Packs and call us on +34 691977107 with any enquiries.